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RedMule: A Mixed-Precision Matrix-Matrix Operation Engine for Flexible and Energy-Efficient On-Chip Linear Algebra and TinyML Training Acceleration


Y. Tortorella, L. Bertaccini, L. Benini, D. Rossi, F. Conti


ITA: An Energy-Efficient Attention and Softmax


G. Islamoglu, M. Scherer, G. Paulin, T. Fischer, V. J.B. Jung, A. Garofalo, L. Benini


Designing Circuits for AiMC Based on Non-Volatile Memories: a Tutorial Brief on Trade-offs and Strategies for ADCs and DACs Co-design


R. Vignali, R. Zurla, M. Pasotti, P. L. Rolandi, A. Singh, M. Le Gallo, A. Sebastian, T. Jang, A. Antolini, E. Franchi Scarselli, and A. Cabrini


Exploiting the State Dependency of Conductance Variations in Memristive Devices for Accurate In-Memory Computing


A. Vasilopoulos, J. Buchel, B. Kersting, C. Lammie, K. Brew, S. Choi, T. Philip, N. Saulnier, V. Narayanan, M. Le Gallo, A. Sebastian

Communication activities

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